About ClayTastic All of the figurines, clothing, vehicles and accessories you can see on this site have been individually made by hand. After visiting numerous wedding fayres and finding that prices are surprisingly high for very basic, sometimes lifeless and generic figures, made only from sugar, Claytastic was born.  The figures I create today are of significantly higher quality, individually customised to your likeness, and do not need to be eaten or carefully stored after the event like sugar figures. I have never used moulds for the figures themselves - and never will - your cake topper will be completely unique to you.  Each little person stands at between 12 and 15 cm (5/6 inches) tall and if freestanding can safely be attached directly to your cake just using a dab of icing. Your cake topper couple will represent yourself and your spouse-to-be.  To do this I first take into account any height difference, skin shades and eye colours.  I then copy your chosen hairstyles, including your veil and/or tiara, the grooms suit (or kilt!) and of course the dress.  I completely understand that you chose your dress because you love it, and that is why I also copy the dress in detail - from the shape, all the way down to any embroidery detail - adding beads and sparkles where needed! The toppers cannot be eaten - they won't cause any harm if they are eaten, but they will taste awful and probably won't fill you up either!!  However, because of the quality of clay we use, they will not degrade or discolour so are perfect as keepsakes from your special day. Included in the cost of the topper is my design service.  Not sure what you want?  Then just e-mail or give me a call and we can discuss some ideas to make your topper all the more special and exclusive to you.  All small accessories are also included, so if you want something a bit different added to your topper just ask!  Perhaps you would like to include your occupation or hobby in some way - some examples are a fishing rod, sports equipment or fireman/policeman's helmets.  I will be happy to oblige with any minor additions.
Please feel free to see if what you are looking for is included in my price list or galleries.  If you can't find what you have in mind please just ask and we will be happy to help.